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Welcome! First of all, let me just say that I know you were probably expecting to see my life story here, about how I got started in this crazy industry, and about what type of food I eat (Mostly Chipotle) and maybe about my family, and hobbies, and who my favorite barber is (If I had enough hair that is), and I assure you, my story is probably very interesting to some and maybe not so interesting to somebody else. Should we work together and you really would like to know more about my story, I will happily share some pretty cool highlights of my own life. At any rate, let me share something more important with you instead because at the end of the day we both know that this is about business, and about what I can do to assist you, right now. So what is it that I can do?
Simply this; I can help you gather and sort information that will result in you making a better decision, one that will bring you more happiness & satisfaction in the end. Purchasing a new home for any reason whatsoever, can be a fulfilling and fun experience. A new home can bring you and your family many years of personal enjoyment, provided you make the right decision today. The same goes for selling your home, some will get it done, and some will only do enough to get by. Making the wrong decision could have disastrous consequences down the road. So the most important question you now face is; who do I choose to work with and to represent me in the purchase of my next home, or to sell my current home so that I increase my chances of having a more satisfying outcome and a better experience? Are you feeling anxious and maybe even confused about the whole situation you are in, not sure what you should do? I would like to change that for you, and here is how I propose we do that.
1. Let’s discuss this; what it is that you are REALLY trying to accomplish?
2. I make a Plan of Action, review it with you, and then I implement it.
3. I go to work for you, utilizing effective technology, our team, and the best marketing.
4. I negotiate aggressively on your behalf, to bring you the most value.
5. We bring it all to a successful conclusion via open communication and absolute integrity.

I strongly believe my winning attitude and a seamless process will bring you more peace of mind and allow your experience to be a much better one in the end. So feel great about your next decision and contact me now to schedule a phone or in-person consultation. Lets get started.
Call or text me at: 941-735-9802
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I look forward to working with you.
Merle D. Shetler FL Lic# SL3404399

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